Baggage allowances in Peru

Flying over the foothills near Lima, Peru. Photo by Julia Manzerova,

Unless you’re carrying more gear than a Gold Rush mule, you’ll probably find the typical baggage allowance in Peru to be fairly accommodating. The major domestic airlines in Peru allow at least 4 kg of hand luggage (and often closer to 10 kg), and 23 kg or more of checked baggage. Excess baggage policies allow you to carry more if necessary.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the baggage policies for all of Peru’s domestic airlines, including restricted and prohibited items; musical instruments; sporting equipment; and pets (see final sections). If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

LATAM baggage allowance in Peru

LATAM Baggage Allowance (LAN Peru)

Hand luggage: Standard LATAM flights allow one suitcase and a personal item, free of charge, as long as it’s light enough for you to place in the overhead compartment without needing help (which is kind of mean, really). You’re allowed a maximum of 8 kg in economy and 16 kg in premium economy or premium business. Maximum dimensions for the bag or suitcase are 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm. The personal item, such as a purse or laptop (read more about bringing a laptop to Peru), can be placed under the seat in front of you. Maximum dimensions for the personal item are 45 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm.

Checked baggage: The LATAM checked baggage allowance in Peru is 23 kg, with a maximum linear dimension of 158 cm.

Excess baggage: LATAM is apparently working to standardize its excess baggage policy, which would be a welcome development as the current policies for varying routes and destinations are a bit of a mess. For domestic flights in Peru, an extra bag between 23 kg and 32 kg costs US$25; between 32 kg and 45 kg it’s $50. The cost of an extra bag under 23 kg is not listed, but I assume it would be around $15.

LATAM baggage allowance policy

Avianca baggage allowance in Peru

Avianca Baggage Allowance

Hand luggage: In both economy and business class, Avianca passengers are allowed one carry-on piece weighing a maximum of 10 kg. Carry-on luggage for all Avianca flights must measure no more than 115 cm (height-length-width). You may also take one of the following items free of charge: a coat, a hat, a small bag, a laptop, or a camera.

Checked baggage: In economy, Avianca passengers flying within Peru can check one bag weighing a maximum of 23 kg. In business class, two pieces weighing a maximum of 32 kg. Dimensions must not exceed 158 cm.

Excess baggage: An extra piece costs $40, $60 or $80 depending on weight, up to 45 kg. Various other permutations exist for excess baggage on Avianca flights; check the website for more details.

Avianca baggage allowance policy

Star Peru baggage allowance

Star Perú Baggage Allowance

Hand luggage: One piece that does not exceed 4 kg in weight and is no more than 40 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm (height-length-width). The carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead compartment.

Checked baggage: Star Perú passengers are allowed up to 25 kg of checked baggage, distributed between a maximum of two items per passenger. Baggage items must not exceed 75 cm x 45 cm x 35 cm, or 155 linear centimeters.

Excess baggage: US$2.95 per each extra kilo.

Star Perú baggage allowance policy

Peruvian Airlines baggage allowance

Peruvian Airlines Baggage Allowance

Hand luggage: Each passenger is allowed 8 kg of carry-on luggage within Peru, with the exception of flights leaving Cusco, where the maximum is 5 kg (which is kind of problematic if you arrived in Cusco with more than 5 kg). Hand luggage must not exceed 40 cm x 32 cm x 20 cm.

Checked baggage: Two pieces of baggage weighing up to 25 kg in total.

Excess baggage: US$2.50 plus tax per additional kilo.

Peruvian Airlines baggage allowance policy (note: the English version of the policy on the Peruvian Airlines website is out of date)

LC Peru baggage allowances

LC Perú Baggage Allowance

Hand luggage: Passengers flying with LC Perú are allowed one piece of hand luggage with dimensions no greater than 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm. If you’re flying on a Boeing, the maximum weight is 9 kg; on the smaller Dash aircraft, it’s 5 kg. You’re also allowed a personal item such as a purse or laptop.

Checked baggage: Baggage in the hold must weigh no more than 23 kg on a Boeing and 15 kg on a Dash.

Excess baggage: Additional baggage can be put in the hold for US$1.50 plus tax per kilo.

LC Perú baggage allowance policy

Viva Air baggage allowance in Peru

Viva Air Peru Baggage Allowance

Viva Air Peru is a new low-cost airline operating in Peru. Being a budget airline, its baggage policies are understandably more restrictive than other airlines in Peru.

Hand luggage: One piece weighing up to 6 kg with dimensions of no more than 40 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm. Items such as purses and laptops are considered as the one personal item, so be careful. You can carry more hand luggage at an additional cost.

Checked baggage: You’ll have to pay an additional fee if you want to check your baggage. This costs between US$17 and $37 depending on where you pay for the service (for example, when booking online or at the boarding gate). Checked baggage for Viva Air must not exceed 20 kg or 158 linear cm per suitcase or bag.

Excess baggage: If your checked luggage exceeds 20 kg, you can bring up to 12 kg more by paying an additional price of $3 per extra kilogram.

Viva Air baggage allowance policy

Airline Baggage Restrictions in Peru

Airline baggage restrictions in Peru are fairly standard and typical of airline policies around the world. Always check the specific restrictions of your airline if you’re unsure. (For customs issues when entering Peru, read Peruvian Customs Regulations: What You Can and Can’t Bring Into Peru)

Things that are typically prohibited on flights in Peru include:

  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Compressed gas
  • Flammable liquids and solids
  • Oxidizing materials
  • Toxic, corrosive or infectious substances
  • Radioactive material

Certain small items for personal use, like aerosols, gels, liquors, creams, deodorant sticks, lipstick and toothpaste are allowed in your carry-on luggage, as long as they’re stored inside a transparent bag of up to one liter in size (according to LATAM).

Most domestic airlines in Peru accept sporting equipment as checked luggage, including surfboards, golf clubs, bicycles, skateboards, SCUBA equipment and fishing rods. Musical instruments can also be taken as checked luggage, or as hand luggage if they fit the size restrictions. Check the airline’s policy before you fly.

Taking Pets on Airlines in Peru

Pets are normally accepted on flights in Peru. Even the low-cost Viva Air accepts dogs and cats, albeit for an additional fee and under certain regulations. Pets are not considered part of the standard baggage allowance, and so are treated as excess baggage (and therefore you have to pay more). Each airline has specific guidelines, including weights and kennel sizes, so check the relevant website for more details.